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Cabernet Sauvignon de Purcari

(Alc.14.0% vol.)

Made from grapes harvested and selected by hand, produced by the traditional method. Aged for 6 months in French oak barrique. An intense ruby color flecked purple with a rich aroma, dominated by black cherry, complemented by fine notes of exotic spices. The taste is full, complex, with notes of ripe fruit, chocolate, vanilla and raisins. Soft tannins emphasize the roundness and softness of aftertaste with shades of ripening.


Cuvee de Purcari Extra Brut

(Alc.12.5% vol.)

The finest terroirs are merged in an exceptional blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir varieties.
60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Blanc, 10% Pinot Noir
The long term maturation in bottles offers a soft and a persistent pearling.
The fresh expressive bouquet of citrus and fruity flavors reveals freshness and mineral taste.


Cuvee de Purcari Brut Rose

(Alc.12.5% vol.)

The finest terroirs are merged in an exceptional blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties.
60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay
The long term maturation in bottles offers a soft and a persistent pearling.
The rose tint evokes elegance, being completed by a floral bouquet with subtle flavor of blackcurrant and a balanced taste.


Cuvee de Purcari Feteasca Alba

(Alc.12.5% vol.)

Château Purcari brings through a creative fantasy, the Cuvée de Purcari sparkling wine, produced by using the classic method of fermentation.
The golden tint of the sparkling wine with green reflections is enriched with fine apples aromas, honeycombs and wild flowers. The secondary fermentation and the long term maturation in bottles offers a unique taste – soft with a persistent and fine pearling. A true journey with Cuvée de Purcari.


Purcari Freedom Blend

(Alc.14.0% vol.)

The expression of the free spirit, a courageous blend, full of character, from three indigenous grape varieties. It has the heart of Georgia, the terroir of Moldova, and the free spirit of Ukraine.
65% Saperavi, 20% Rară Neagră, 15% Bastardo.
The intense ruby color and almond accents produce a complex bouquet dominated by cherries, blackberries, and currants, complemented by dried plums, red pepper, and savory notes of moist wood and leather. The full and fruity taste captures the elegance and refinement, and gives a velvet aftertaste.
The wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barrique.
Red meat, fermented cheese appetizers, desserts with dark chocolate.


Pinot Grigio de Purcari

(Alc.13.5% vol.)

The light golden straw color holds a fresh fragrance shaped by light notes of green apple and pear. The fruity taste is refreshing, pleasant, well balanced with acidity, showing harmonious shades and a lasting aftertaste. It combines well with dishes of fish, shellfish, chicken, hard cheese, and grilled vegetables.


Sauvignon Blanc de Purcari

(Alc.13% vol.)

The bright golden color harbors an invigorating aroma, citrus-rich, with grapefruit and lime accents, complemented by exotic fruit notes and subtle floral hues. Fresh taste, well defined, fruity and with a well-balanced acidity. Made from grapes harvested and selected by hand, produced using traditional methods.


Chateau Vartely Individo Saperavi

(Alc.13% vol.)

A dry red wine, of the famous Georgian variety Saperavi, makes Individo Saperavi an appreciated wine. Corpulent and extractive, with elegant shades of oak, the wine wins you over with its fruity aroma of blackberries, cranberries and spicy notes. The wine is aged for 12 months in barrels.


Chateau Vartely Individo Merlot/ Cabernet Sauvignon

(Alc.13% vol.)

This wine has an outstanding character, combining the richness of Cabernet Sauvignon and the velvety taste of Merlot. You will feel the harmonious blend of pomegranate flavor, cherry notes and morocco nuances. Good structure, medium + acidity and alcohol. The velvet-colored wine was created from grapes, grown and harvested in Bugeac region, in southern Moldova. Aged for 12 months in oak barrels.


Fautor Fume Blanc

(Alc.13.8% vol.)

This is a Sauvignon Blanc aged in oak barrels, with an expressive bouquet of melon, elder¬flower, passion fruit, and a hint of vanilla in ¬flavor and taste. Persistent, complex and rich in structure, this wine is the refl¬ection of elegance and nobility in a glass. A delicate wine which has been matured in oak barrels for 6 months.


Cricova Feteasca Neagra

(Alc.14% vol.)

This wine is produced from an indigenous variety that fully reflects the legendary nobility of Moldovan viticulture. Spices, vanilla and black berries on the nose. Consistent, vigorous, medium tannins. The wine is rich in taste and surpasses the complexity of the grapes, leaving it uncovered in the multitude of flavors.


Castel Mimi Rosu de Bulboaca

(Alc.13.5% vol.)

An incomparable wine produced from red European varieties with outstanding features and an elegant flavor. The wine has a ruby color with charming purple reflections. With its floral aromas, this wine opens with notes of plums and saffron, followed by cinnamon and spices.


Cricova Crisecco Brut

(Alc.12.5% vol.)

Grape variety: Feteasca Alba 90%.
Complex floral bouquet, along with notes of peach, apple and pear, is perfectly balanced with crisp accents of citrus fruits. Elegant fresh taste with silky texture and long finish. The wine is recommended as aperitif, pairs well with fruit salads with whipped cream, complements jelly and chocolate.


Cricova – Patriarh Kagor

(Alc.16% vol.)

Patriarh is vinified from Cabernet Sauvignon varieties of grapes, through the process of alcoholization of the must, which allows the preservation of a natural color and a balanced taste. It is intense, fatty, with wood aromas harmoniously overlapping with the notes of dry plum and rose petal jam. The singular peculiarities of this wine transform it into a real tasting experience, while the velvet aftertaste invites to luxurious deserts. Serving: Apple dumplings, wild cherry jam deserts, vanilla and cinnamon puddings.


Purcari – Negru de Purcari

(alc. 14% vol.)

Negru de Purcari is the legendary signature red wine of Purcari winery that put Moldova on the world wine map of noble blends. This wine is called also the “Queen’s Wine” as it has been a favorite of British Royalty from Queen Victoria to Elizabeth II. A mix of red and black fruits, character together with spice from its three-year sojourn in French oak barrels. Full-bodied with fine-grained tannins, and some beguiling earthy notes from its bottle age.


Purcari – Rose de Purcari

(Alc. 13.5% vol.)

A delicate pink blend of red varieties such as Rara Neagra – an indigenous Moldovan variety (15%), Merlo (35%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (50%).
The grapes are hand-picked in September, manually sorted. Cold macerated and cold fermented in stainless steel tanks, stabilized, sterilely bottled.
Pleasant persistent character of apricot, peach and red currant. Fresh finesse gradually develops into long finish with hints of wild raspberry and strawberry. Recommended as an aperitif, pairs well with sea food and cold appetizers.


Purcari – Rara Neagra de Purcari

(alc. 14% vol.)

This elegant ruby color with shades of garnet wine is made of 100% Rara Neagra – an indigenous Moldovan variety.
The grapes are hand-picked in mid-October, manually sorted. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, aged in French oak barriques, stabilized, bottled, and further matured in bottles.
Full, velvety taste, with notes of dried fruits and vanilla. Pleasantly long finish. The wine pairs perfectly with grilled beef, lamb, rotisserie chicken or other meats.


Chateau Vartely D’Or – Feteasca Regala

(Alc. 14% vol.)

Feteasca Regala [Royal Maiden] is a 100% indigenous variety. It was obtained as a result of cross-breeding indigenous Feteasca Alba with Hungarian variety Furmint. The legend says that Feteasca Regala was dedicated to celebrating birthday of Queen of Romania Elena and thus received its Royal status.
The grapes are grown in Valul lui Traian region, South of Moldova. The grapes are hand-picked from selected vineyards. Fermented in vats at controlled temperature. Oak aging (up to 6 months) is applied selectively for refining aromas and taste.
The wine pairs perfectly with white meat, sea food, and Asian cuisine. Will nicely complement any appetizer.


Chateau Vartely Cabernet Sauvignon

(Alc. 13.5% vol.)

Chateau Vartely’s Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Moldova’s Codru Region. The scenic and breathtaking forests, hills and rolling countryside of the Codru region protect the vineyards from winter frosts and dry summer winds, making this region an ideal environment for cultivating consistently high quality vines. The fruit is harvested by hand in late autumn and aged in
oak casks for at least 1 year. Full-bodied, dark-fruit characteristics that pairs wonderfully with the finest cuts of meat, spiced dishes, and rich desserts.


Chateau Vartely – Chardonnay

(Alc. 13.5% vol.)

Natural dry white wine. Produced from selected Chardonnay grapes, grown in the southern zone of Moldova. The wine has bright straw color.
Its flavor is sated flower, with shades of green apple, lime and lemon. The taste is full fresh, with notes of wild flowers in the aftertaste.
Is served as an aperitif, excellent with light fish meals and fruits.


Cricova – Codru Prestige

(Alc. 13% vol.)

“Codru” red blend dry wine, part of Prestige wine collection. Produced in accordance with the advanced winemaking technologies, developed to create a range of wines “Cricova Prestige Collection”, from selected grapes “Cabernet-Sauvignon” (75%) and “Merlot” (25%).
This is a sophisticated wine, perfectly balanced, with the scent of violets and ripe cherries, dense and rich flavor, with notes of black currant and prunes. The wine was aged in oak barrels for at least 12 months. Serve with lamb, beef, steaks and meat dishes.


Cricova – Cabernet-Sauvignon Prestige

(Alc. 13% vol.)

Produced from grapes of European red variety, Cabernet-Sauvignon, harvested on plantations from the South of Moldova. The extraction of the wine from the mark is followed by the malo-lactic fermentation and maturation for at least 1 year in oak barrels.
This wine is distinguished by its gorgeous pomegranate color, rich perfectly-balanced bouquet with almond and violet aromas and full, velveteen taste, with vivid prunes and cherry pit tints.
It is a very friendly and permissive wine. It pairs great with a large range of food from grilled red meat, sausages, kidney, rabbit etc.


Cricova – Blanc de Noir Extra Brut Sparkling

Pinot Noir crafted based on the Methode Champenoise with second-in bottle fermentation for a minimum of 24 months.
Elegant with fine bubbles, light yellow straw color, delicate aromas, fruitiness and fine minerality of the taste. Very balanced and light on the palate.
Excellent on its own and a great companion to oysters, red or black caviar, cheeses and walnuts or almonds, but also pairs well with more complex dishes like pasta or risotto.


Cricova – Sparkling Brut Rose

(Alc. 13% vol.)

Methode Traditionnelle
It is an effervescent wine produced from grapes of European white and red classic varieties harvested on the personal plantations, by secondary fermentation and further maturation in bottle.
It is the wine that distinguishes by its elegant pink color and its fine bouquet, developed with subtle flavors of flower field and gooseberry, completed harmonious by its full, equilibrated and soft taste.


Cricova – Original Sparkling Rose

(Alc. 13% vol.)

Made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the grapes for this wine come from the Criuleni District in the central part of Moldova, part of the greater Codru viticultural region. Picked in Mid-September, by hand, followed by crush and subsequent fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 10 days at a temp of 16 °C. Secondary fermentation takes place in pressure tanks. The wines achieves a good rose color and expressive spice notes. Sweeter on the palate but balanced with the acidity and the bubbles for everyday enjoyment.


Cricova – Original Sparkling Brut

(Alc. 12.5% vol.)

Light straw color, nicely balanced taste and rich flowery bouquet with delicate aromas. The sparkling wine has subtle flavors of sun-flower, completed by its delicate taste, perfect equilibrated and fresh, with accents of honey lime and willow. Suitable for a festive toast or celebration or for everyday enjoyment.


Cricova- Original Sparkling Muscat

(Alc. 12% vol.)

This wine is made entirely from Muscat Ottonel. The vineyards are located in the village of Lucesti in the South of Moldova, part of the greater Valul lui Traian viticultural region. Picked in early September, by hand, followed by crushing and fermentation in stainless steel for 14 days at a constant 14 °C temp. Secondary fermentation takes place in pressure tanks.
The wine has great floral characteristics with bright notes of fresh fruit, with a long finish and pleasant traditional Muscat sweetness.


Albastrele – Blanc de Cabernet

(Alc. 13% vol.)

Yes, you read correctly – it’s a white wine made out of red grapes. Made entirely of Cabernet Sauvignon by way of gently pressing the berries and removing the skins at once. Thus the wine is made using only the white juice.
This wine will remind you of an Albarino, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier all at the same time! Passion fruit, grass and grapefruit flavors are abundant with a fresh and firm structure.


Taraboste Cabernet Sauvignon

(Alc. 15% vol.)

Taraboste is the title that was given by ancient Romans to Dacian aristicrats living in the Roman Dacia, a province of the Roman Empire from 106 to 274–275 AD (covering nowadays Moldova). The name has been chosen as to emphasize the noble character of the wine crafted from super ripe, aromatic grapes carefully harvested on Chateau Vartely’s own vineyards.
Full bodied, velvety taste, with notes of caramel, very ripe berries, black cherry, plum, blackcurrant, pomegranate, and red pepper. Pleasantly long finish combining flavors of leather and toast.

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