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We are a premier importer and wholesaler of undiscovered and exceptional wines from Moldova

Wine of Moldova USA was founded in 2014 and is dedicated to fleshing out undiscovered and exceptional wines that demonstrate the highest quality available. As a niche wine importing company, Wine of Moldova USA is focused on wines from Moldova with the intention to serve the diverse needs and wants of wine lovers.

Each wine in our portfolio has been found and selected by Andrei and Daria, husband and wife, founders and owners of Wine of Moldova USA. They source wines that reflect the exceptional qualities and terroir of the territory on which they are grown. Andrei and Daria’s dedication stems from a passion for wine which Andrei inherited from his father, a winemaker in his home country, Moldova.

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Celebrating Moldova National Wine Day with More Food and Wine Explorations

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The first weekend in October is National Moldovan Wine Day. Celebrate this oft overlooked and underrated wine country with savory vegan foods.

Disclosure: The wines featured in this post were provided by

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