Cricova – Patriarh Kagor


(Alc.16% vol.) Patriarh is vinified from Cabernet Sauvignon varieties of grapes, through the process of alcoholization of the must, which allows the preservation of a natural color and a balanced taste. It is intense, fatty, with wood aromas harmoniously overlapping with the notes of dry plum and rose petal jam. The singular peculiarities of this [...]

Et Cetera – Cuvee Rouge


(Alc. 13.8% vol.) An excellent red blend from Rara Neagra (5%) an indigenous Moldovan variety, Saperavi (15%), Cabernet Sauvignon - 50%, and Merlot (30%). The grapes are hand-picked and manually sorted. After cryomaceration for 24 hours at 14ºС (58 F), fermented in stainless steel tanks, aged in mixture of Hungarian and American oak barriques, stabilized, [...]

Purcari – Negru de Purcari


(alc. 14% vol.) Negru de Purcari is the legendary signature red wine of Purcari winery that put Moldova on the world wine map of noble blends. This wine is called also the “Queen’s Wine” as it has been a favorite of British Royalty from Queen Victoria to Elizabeth II. A mix of red and black [...]

Purcari – Rose de Purcari


(Alc. 13.5% vol.) A delicate pink blend of red varieties such as Rara Neagra – an indigenous Moldovan variety (15%), Merlo (35%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (50%). The grapes are hand-picked in September, manually sorted. Cold macerated and cold fermented in stainless steel tanks, stabilized, sterilely bottled. Pleasant persistent character of apricot, peach and red currant. [...]

Purcari – Rara Neagra de Purcari


(alc. 14% vol.) This elegant ruby color with shades of garnet wine is made of 100% Rara Neagra – an indigenous Moldovan variety. The grapes are hand-picked in mid-October, manually sorted. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, aged in French oak barriques, stabilized, bottled, and further matured in bottles. Full, velvety taste, with notes of dried [...]

Chateau Vartely D’Or – Feteasca Regala


(Alc. 14% vol.) Feteasca Regala [Royal Maiden] is a 100% indigenous variety. It was obtained as a result of cross-breeding indigenous Feteasca Alba with Hungarian variety Furmint. The legend says that Feteasca Regala was dedicated to celebrating birthday of Queen of Romania Elena and thus received its Royal status. The grapes are grown in Valul [...]

Chateau Vartely Cabernet Sauvignon


(Alc. 13.5% vol.) Chateau Vartely’s Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Moldova’s Codru Region. The scenic and breathtaking forests, hills and rolling countryside of the Codru region protect the vineyards from winter frosts and dry summer winds, making this region an ideal environment for cultivating consistently high quality vines. The fruit is harvested by hand in late [...]

Chateau Vartely – Chardonnay


(Alc. 13.5% vol.) Natural dry white wine. Produced from selected Chardonnay grapes, grown in the southern zone of Moldova. The wine has bright straw color. Its flavor is sated flower, with shades of green apple, lime and lemon. The taste is full fresh, with notes of wild flowers in the aftertaste. Is served as an [...]

Cricova – Codru Prestige


(Alc. 13% vol.) "Codru" red blend dry wine, part of Prestige wine collection. Produced in accordance with the advanced winemaking technologies, developed to create a range of wines "Cricova Prestige Collection", from selected grapes "Cabernet-Sauvignon" (75%) and "Merlot" (25%). This is a sophisticated wine, perfectly balanced, with the scent of violets and ripe cherries, dense [...]