Moldova National Wine Day Celebration

//Moldova National Wine Day Celebration

Moldova National Wine Day Celebration

Our newly formed #WorldWineTravel group is collaborating with Wine of Moldova and Vinconnexion to celebrate Moldova National Wine Day on October 3 and 4. The event celebrates Moldovan winemaking traditions from the 15th century with cultural events and traditional foods. While the group is posting this weekend, our official start date will be later this year. Keep watching!

Moldova is located between Romania in the west and Ukraine on the east.  Moldova was behind the iron curtain until 1991 when it fell. Wineries and vineyards flourished under private ownership.

Check out this event that is happening today!

We are hosting a Twitter chat on Sunday, October 4 at 11 am EST.  Come and talk with us about all things Moldovan!  Look for the hashtag #WorldWineTravel and #WinesofMoldova.

Our sponsors, VINOvations sent us samples of Moldova Wine for us to try.  The only expectation is that we try them and pair them with food and let you know what we think!  I have done one other post on Moldova wine here.

To get into the spirit of the event, I am using my Moldova wine to pair with a couple of traditional foods that I think you will love.  The first dish is Mamaliga (so fun to say!) paired with Brinza cheese.  As unusual as this sounds, Mamaliga is simply polenta with vegetable stew and feta-like cheese!  A garlic sauce is poured over the dish for extra flavor.  I found the recipe at

We paired this delicious dish with Kazayak Viorica wine, a white wine made from Viorica grapes, indigenous to Moldova. Very aromatic with wildflowers and sweet fruit. It is rich and intense with a medium body. The finish is long, with an ending of fresh white grape. Viorica is a girl’s name in Moldova and is a flower that grows there. It is appropriate for the naming of this grape as well, as the wine is reminiscent of floral aromas.

What to expect if you get to attend:
  • Taste wines in Wine School
  • Travel in time as you watch wine being made as it was hundreds of years ago.
  • Enjoy the crafts, buy a souvenir!
  • Taste the treats of Moldova by street vendors.
  • Go on a wine tour
  • Listen to traditional music

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